VIP Days- Facebook Ads set-up & Training

Facebook Ads: the most inexpensive form of advertising when done properly. 

So you want to promote your business via Facebook Ads but don't really understand how to work FacebookB Business manager or how to get spend as little as possible & get the best results. That's what this VIP day is for!

Together we will spend an entire day (or split between 2-3 days) setting up or auditing you rFacebook Business manager, reviewing your audiences, going through examples of ads, and even setting up your first campaign (don't worry- we don't have to launch it until you're ready!)

Full Day $3,500

  • Audit of current Ads & Business Manager Set-up (if applicable)

  • Set-up of Business Manager

  • Overview of Business Manager & Facebook Ads

  • Ad Campaigns overview including goals & objectives of ads

  • Ad Set & Audience overview

  • Ad Types overview + setting up ad creative & copy

  • Budget types 

  • Basic overview of reporting*

  • Workbook to fill in & take notes throughout the training

  • Set-up of up to 10 audiences to save and use for your ads

  • Walk-through & set-up of up to 3 ACTUAL campaigns, ad sets, and ads for you to use when ready to launch

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