Are you ready to transform your social media into paying customers?

AKA: No more wasting hours creating content or trying to hack the algorithm? Learn how we can help below!

Let's turn my social media into a lead generating machine!

This is for you...

  • Are ready to turn your social media into a money printing machine
  • Keep telling yourself you’ll post “tomorrow”... (we both know how that goes!)
  • Struggle to consistently generate leads from your social media
  • Want to take your social presence to the next level!

Here at Socially Logan Marketing, We've Successfully....

  • Taken a retail company from 0 ROI to $1M in ROI
  • Saved a brand $60,000 in ad spend while still generating revenue
  • Generated hundreds of new, qualified leads every month for a SaaS company

Our Facebook page was viewed 15K+ times in the last 7 das. These steps we are taking are why we wake up and see passive conversions every single day. My demo this morning said, "I've heard about you for a long time but just recently started seeing you everywhere."

Brooke B., Timeline Genius

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About SLM: Your Marketing BFF's

At SLM: Your Marketing BFF's, we provide key marketing services to clients across the globe, though social media is where we started and our core offering: both organic and paid. Our process begins with an audit, a strategy, execution, fine-tuning, and reporting. We focus on providing audiences, to reach, engage, and convert their target audience into advocates and returning customers. Building an impactful audience is key.

Our four key areas include social media, email marketing, paid ads, and influencer management plus overall marketing strategy across channels. Our team is highly skilled in researching and understanding the needs and wants of our clients, enabling us to provide the best service possible and form an amazing partnership.

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