What is a VIP Package?

A VIP service helps you get where you need to go quickly! If you would like to DIY your marketing, but need a strategy to get you started..this is for you. Or maybe you've been handling your marketing but want to make sure you're on the right track. Whatever the case may be, a VIP Package is a great place to start!

Plans For All Levels

Whether you're just getting started or have an established business, our VIP services are built for anyone. These are all great options for a DIY approach or to get a feel for how we work before working together on a monthly basis to execute your strategy.

Social Media Strategy
Marketing Strategy
Social Media Audit

Social Media Audit

Wondering if your account is doing well or not in comparison to industry standards? We'll pull reports for up to 2 of your social media platforms and analyze + provide a high-level recommendation of how to improve each area.

  • Profile/bio optimizations 
  • Highlight suggestions
  • Engagement Rate
  • Reach/Impressions
  • Clicks/Profile Views
  • Video Views
  • Keyword/Hashtag audit
  • Story audit + 2 suggestions
  • Content audit + 3 suggestions
  • Caption/Tone of Voice
  • Loom video reviewing the audit for you to keep and refer back to any time you want

The time frame to complete is 3-5 business days.

**Our team must be provided access to your social channels



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Social Media Strategy

Do you have a brand new business or an existing brand that you want to give a facelift to on social media? We'll provide all of the following on up to 2 platforms to create a social media strategy:

  • Goals/objectives of your social media
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Profile/Bio Optimization
  • Story Highlight Template
  • Keyword/Hashtag Strategy
  • Engagement Strategy
  • Content Strategy
  • Content Pillars
  • Posting Frequency/Schedule
  • Caption + Tone of Voice Strategy
  • 3 Template Designs for Posts
  • 1 Month of Content Ideas
  • 1 hour meeting to review

The time frame to complete is 1-2 weeks.

**Our team must be provided access to your social channels if you have an existing presence to review historical data.



Marketing Strategy

Comprehensive Marketing Strategy

This is for the business that is looking to make a splash with their marketing but isn't sure which areas to focus on. There's so much you can do with marketing, but what should you do first? What's a 'must have' marketing channel for your business and what's a 'nice to have?' And what's not even needed for your business? We'll cover all of this in our comprehensive marketing strategy, plus the following

  • Goals/Objectives
  • Funnel Map/Outline
  • Target Persona(s) - up to 3
  • Branding Audi Including Moodboard
  • Determination of Channel Needs from the channels listed below
  • Social Media Strategy (if applicable)
  • Email Strategy (if applicable)
  • Influencer Strategy (if applicable)
  • Ad Strategy (if applicable)
  • Website Audit 

The time frame to complete is 2-4 weeks. This allows for plenty of time for market research and creating a custom strategy for your business.

If you'd like to receive a proposal for our team to implement the strategy for you on a monthly basis, we can include that as well.

**Our team must be provided access to your social channels, email platform, ad account, etc. if there is historical data.



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